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How to restart your Enterpryze Data Service (EDS)

A guide on how to restart your EDS (Enterpryze data service) and examples as to why this may need to be restarted.

From time to time, you may need to restart your EDS. The EDS is the connector between your Enterpryze and SAP and It's what keeps them talking.

However, sometimes an update in SAP can temporarily disrupt this connection and require a quick restart of the EDS.

For example, if creating a new UDF (User-defined field) in SAP this will disconnect all connected sessions which includes the EDS, so a quick restart of the EDS will help to get you connected back up.

Follow these simple steps below to restart the EDS:

  1. On the server, go to services and find your Enterpryze data service.

2. Once you have found the EDS that needs to be restarted, simply click on it and select "restart"

And you're all done! Your EDS has now been restarted.

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