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How to Link your SAP user to your user in Enterpryze

This article will show you how to set up your user's HR record in SAP and how to link it to your Enterpryze user

Each user in Enterpryze will need to be linked to a SAP ID as part of the user set up.

If you do not have these created yet, you can still add your user and assign the SAP ID to the user at a later date.

Users with relevant permissions in SAP will be able to carry out these steps.

Below is how to set it in SAP and then Link it back to your user in Enterpryze:

1. In SAP, open Modules > Human Resources > Employee Master Data

The following fields need to be defined against the employee record in SAP to ensure the user will be linked correctly in Enterpryze.

2. The important fields are:

· First Name and Surname/Last Name

· Sales Employee (though Not mandatory- see note below)

· Email address of the user

· Membership Role (see note below on requirement)

Sales Employee: If the user is a sales employee, you can define it in the sales employee area. You can select from the list of employees, or if not there, select define new to set one up.

Technician: Assign the role of Technician for users who need access to the service module. Go to membership and from the dropdown select “Technician”.

Once finished click on Save.

3. Now login into Enterpryze where you need to complete some further steps to ensure the user is available from SAP. Only Administrators will have access to this function.

1. Click on the SAP Business One logo on bottom left of your Enterpryze screen, then click on Data Import.

2. Select Dictionaries and Administration Details in the list of objects.

3. Now click on ‘Import Selected’ to import those objects.

Once all the information is set in SAP, and you have imported the Dictionaries and Administration Details, please follow the last step which is to link the SAP employee record to the Enterpryze User.

In Enterpryze do the following:

1. Click on Settings > User Settings > Search for your user

2. Click on the EDIT pencil on the top right of the user.

3. Now you will be able to link the user to SAP by selecting the employee on the SAP ID field

4. Then click on SAVE to keep the changes.

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