How to Integrate Stripe with Enterpryze

Find out how to link your Stripe account to Enterpryze and start tracking your credit card payments.

Stripe Integration will enable you to make Credit Card payments faster to online invoices. You will need to retrieve the Publishable Key and Secret Key from Stripe and then link those keys into Enterpryze.

In order to Integrate stripe to Enterpryze, the Admin user will first need to take the following information from Stripe:

1. Log in to your Stripe account

2. Click on Home

3. Click on Get your live API Keys

4. Make sure that the full Secret key is displaying

5. If is not, please check Developers →API Keys, if the Secret Key is not displaying, please select + Create Secret Key.

6. Once you have the full key information, go to Enterpryze and follow the steps:

  • Click on Explore add-ons and services

7. Double click on the Stripe logo

8. Now enter in the following and save:

Stripe Integration Key = Secret Key from Stripe

Stripe publishable Key = Publishable key from Stripe

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