How to get the most from your Customer details screen

How to see value in your customer, view account balance, add transactions and more.

Once your Customer has been added to Enterpryze with transactions, you begin to see the value of information you will get in return.

In Companies > Customers, select your existing customer from the search box.

Now a world of information about your customer awaits you.

1. Customer Balance and Overdue Invoices

On the main customer details screen you will see that you can view your Customer balance, you can also drill down into this balance to see the transactions on the Ageing report for this customer.

There is also an amount displayed for any Overdue Invoices.

2. You can add transactions from here

On the right side of the screen are quick links to the transactions for your Customer, selecting any transactions from here will automatically select this customers details for you.

3. Add to Favorites list

You can add this customer to your favorites list by clicking here.

4. The Overview tab

This tab gives you an overview of your customers performance.

Account Ageing - shows you the breakdown in graph form of the customer balance, with the value range on the vertical line and age of the balance showing on the horizontal line ranging from Current to 30 to 60 to 90+ days.

12 Month Revenue - this shows the sales amounts for each month from this customer. The vertical line is the value range and the horizontal line is the last months.

Value of Open Transactions - this shows you the open value for each transaction type posted to this customer.

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