How to enable Purchase Automation

Find out how easy it is to enable Purchase Automation in Enterpryze.

It is very easy to enable the Purchase Automation in Enterpryze and start scanning your Invoices.


  1. The first part is to Enable the Purchase Automation for your organisation.
  2. Then add the Central email address where your Purchase Invoices will be sent for scanning.
  3. Then add the email address for each user who will be able to forward Purchase Invoices to the Central Email address.


Follow these steps to get setup and started.


  1. Click on Settings > Module Settings > Invoice Automation

  2. Tick the box 'Enabled'

  3. Enter your email address into the box 'Email Invoices to' - this will be the central email that all invoices will be received into and scanned from.


  4. You can now add email addresses in your organisation where Invoices will be accepted from when forwarded to the central email address.  This is for security purposes to ensure that only PDF's from these addresses are accepted.


  5. As part of your subscription to the Purchase Automation you will be able to monitor the number of scans that are available per month.


What's next?  Check out the next article on scanning and approving your Purchase Invoices.