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How to connect your Bank Feed to Enterpryze.

Connect your Bank account to Enterpryze using Plaid, follow these simple steps to see your Bank transactions and reconcile to Enterpryze.

How to connect your Bank Account through Enterpryze

Follow these simple steps to get your Bank account connected

Connect your Bank Account in Enterpryze

1. Login to Enterpryze https://apps.enterpryze.com/common/login

2. Click on Banking - Accounts

3. If your Bank accounts do not already exist in Enterpryze you can click on Add Bank Account and link to system account for reconciliation in Enterpryze

4. Connect to the Bank Feed with Plaid

- Click on Connect Bank Feed

- Now click on Agree and Proceed if you are happy to enable your Bank Feed through Enterpryze with Plaid.

- The next screen confirms the data you will be sharing from your Bank institutions with Enterpryze and Plaid. You can click on each one to see exact details. You can also click into the Terms to get further information.

- Once you click on Continue you are agreeing to Plaid retrieving this data for 90 days.

- Once you click on Continue you are agreeing to Plaid retrieving this data for 90 days.

- Now select your Bank institution, search for your Bank name paying attention to the types of Bank accounts on offer from personal to business and choose the right one for your business.

N.B You must enter your Bank into the Search field to get the correct list of Bank accounts for your Bank.

Example below of account selection for BOI:

- Now enter your Bank credentials, these are the Bank Credentials that you are authorised to use with your Bank account online. Depending on your Bank this screen may differ to adhere to all the usual security checks that you are already used to seeing when logging into your Bank account. This is to ensure you are accessing your Bank data securely.

Tip: This information is not held by Enterpryze or Plaid, if for any reason you have difficulty accessing your Bank account you will need to contact your Bank Institution.

- FEED column on Bank Accounts screen will show the status of the connection.

Green means you are connected and your Bank Feed will come through Plaid based on your Bank Institute and account type. This is normally every 6 hours or once a day.

Red means that your Bank account needs to be reconnected, this will automatically change to red every 90 days or sooner depending on your Bank Institutions and terms of the FCA.

- The Balance column will contain your current bank account balance once the feed has been updated.

Now link your Bank account to the Enterpryze system account

This step is required to enable you to reconcile your live bank feed transactions against the payment transactions that you enter to Enterpryze or coming from SAP Business One.

1. In Banking – Accounts, click on ‘Add Bank Account’

2. Now select the Bank Institution you connected to through Plaid it will appear here.

- Then click on the Available Accounts to select each one to link.

- Now fill in remainder of required information such as Bank Name, Branch, Account number.

- Currency should default to your system currency

- Now select the System account linked, this is your Enterpryze Bank GL account to which you will be performing your Bank reconciliations against your Bank Feed.

1. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for any additional Bank accounts that you wish to link to your Bank Feed account.

Watch it here see how simple it is to connect😊

The Banking Dashboard to see your Bank Feed

The Banking Dashboard gives you an overview of your daily Bank activities. Here you can see daily transaction, and have they been reconciled or not. See live Bank balance updates and your System bank GL account balance.

You will be able to add new currencies, see exchange rates from the system and live bank feed for best exchange rates for today.

Bank Transactions Feed

This displays the Live Bank feed from your linked bank gl accounts. This is updated overnight to give you a list each day and will tell you the date it was last received. It will show a row for the last transaction for each account.

It also shows you if that transaction has been reconciled or not. You can choose to Reconcile it from here where you will be taken to the reconciliation screen with this transaction selected on it. If it is already reconciled you can still drill down to see where it was reconciled on that Bank account.

What's next: How to do a bank reconciliation from your Bank Feed

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