How to connect Enterpryze to Square

How to connect your Enterpryze organisation to your Square account.


Square Point of Sale is point of sale software aimed at replacing traditional credit card terminals and cash registers. Square combines payment processing with point-of-sale functionality like itemization and inventory management.

A summary of the process is as follows – Create Square Account > Configure Square account > Connect Enterpryze to Square > Upload Products > Process Transactions (Invoice and Payment)


Data Prerequisites for Enterpryze

  1. Customer account is created
  2. Stock Items are created
  3. Stock levels for items are sufficient to process transactions


Connect Enterpryze to Square

1. Make sure you are logged into your Square account

2. Log into Enterpryze database you want to connect to Square

3. Go to Explore Add-ons and Services and double click on Square logo:

4. Now click on Connect to Square

5. Grant Permissions

6. The fields are now populated automatically

7. Click on the Store to Edit

8. Populate all details
    1. Warehouse – the warehouse that will be used for Square transactions processing
    2. Price List – the price list that will be used for Square transactions processing
    3. Transaction roll up – specifies how transactions are grouped if more than one transaction is created for one Customer
    4. Roll Up time – time when Square transactions are imported
    5. Post transactions to – all transactions can be posted to one default BP or they are posted to each individual business partner
    6. Default business partner – if post transaction is set to default this is BP Name for which all transactions are saved
    7. Custom charge item – Item for which all postage fees are recorded
    8. Payment mapping – account to be used for every payment mean
9. Now Save changes


Product Upload

You can upload products to the connected Square company using the Stock screen.

  • Click on Items > Stock Report

Select the item(s) to upload and click the Add button making sure Square is selected.


If successful, Square icon will be visible beside the item record:


Uploaded items can be viewed in the Item listing for the relevant company in the Square admin console: