How to connect Enterpryze to Shopify and start selling on line

Find out how easy it is to connect Enterpryze to Shopify and upload your products. See how your sales and payments come into Enterpryze.

Connect Enterpryze to Shopify

1. Log into Enterpryze database you want to connect to Shopify

2. Go to Explore Add-ons and Services and double click on Shopify logo:

3. Copy the content of the following Shopify field to Enterpryze, this can easily be retrieved from APPS menu in Shopify, then click on Manage Private Apps.

- Click Apps

- In the Build Custom Apps for your unique needs, Click ’Develop Apps for your store'

Click into the Enterpryze App to see the API Admin details.

  • API key to Shopify API Key

  • Password to Shopify Password

  • Shared secret to Shopify Shared Secret

4. Populate the rest of fields:

a. Document Type – AR Reserve Invoice (default) or Sales Order – the type of

document to be created in Enterpryze from the Shopify transaction.

TIP: once this has been set and transactions processed, it cannot be changed.

b. Create Approved Order – determines whether documents in SAP are created as Approved (default is Yes). NB: this setting only applies to Sales Orders.

c. Warehouse – default warehouse from which all Shopify transactions will be


d. Price List – Default price list for all Shopify transactions.

e. Shopify BP per Customer – determines whether a new BP account is created in SAP/Enterpryze for each new Customer in Shopify (default is No).

f. Shopify Default Customer – Default Customer under which name all Shopify

transactions will be processed.

NB: This is not required if the above setting is Yes.

g. GL Account – G/L account for Bank Transfer account for Incoming Payment


h. Shopify Postage –The name of the Item on extra line that will be created on the

document to represent the shipping.

NB: This Item should be a Sales and Service Item, i.e. non-Stock.

i. Shopify Require Approval – If set to Yes then transactions downloaded from

Shopify don't automatically import into SAP (default is No)

Product Upload in Enterpryze

You can upload products to the connected Shopify company using the Stock screen in Enterpryze.

  • Click on Items > Stock Report

Select the item(s) to upload and click the Add button making sure Shopify is selected.

If successful, Shopify icon will be visible beside the item record:

Uploaded items can be viewed in the Item listing for the relevant company in the Shopify admin console:

Watch it here:

Transaction Processing (for Customer)

1. Go to the registration email you received and find the link for your online shop

2. Create the order and go to check out

3. Populate contact information and click continue to shipping method

4. Select shipping method and continue to payment method

5. Populate credit card details and press Complete Order

6. The confirmation is displayed

Confirmation email is sent out to your email address

Transaction Processing (Administrator)

1. Log into the Enterpryze Company and go into the list of Shopify Orders. The most

recent order is displayed at the top of the list.

2. Select Pending order(s) and click ‘Approve’ button, however if you have auto approve ticked in the Shopify Settings in Enterpyze the transactions will automatically appear.

3. Confirm the selection

4. Sales Invoice (or Sales Order) and Incoming Payment are automatically created

5. Admin can check the details of transactions by clicking on the document number

6. You can see a full list of all Shopify transactions in the Home screen in Enterpryze.

Watch it here:

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