How to add your Sales & Payments to Enterpryze POS

Find out how to add your Sales & Payments to Enterpryze POS and how they appear on your Home screen in Enterpryze.

In this guide we will look at the following:

  • How to add a Sales to Enterpryze POS

  • How to complete the Sales and accept Payment

  • How to View your Sale and Payment in Enterpryze on the Home Screen

  • How to review Payments on Enterpryze POS and refund if necessary

How to add a Sale to Enterpryze POS

  • To enter a Sale simply select the product and quantity that you require and add it to the shopping cart. You will see that it will display your available stock to sell for each product.


  • Now those Products will appear in your shopping cart on the right.

  • The default customer that you set for this store will appear, however you can select another customer from the list in Enterpryze or simply add a new customer now.


    • N.B. as per default Store settings this is customer used for Sale:

  • You can now choose if this goes through as a Sale which is the default, so an Invoice and Payment will be created back in Enterpryze.

    • If you add it as an Order it will get posted to Enterpryze as a Sales Order only, you can specify delivery dates at this point.

  • If you want to add a discount to any of your Products simply click on the Product in the shopping cart and the discount field will appear.

  • You can also increase/decrease the quantity or simply remove a product by clicking on the X beside that item.

  • You can Email the receipt to your customer while they are in store, simply click on Email Receipt and enter their email address.

  • To complete your Sale simply click on CHARGE.


    • Now select your Payment method, Cash, Stripe (Credit Card) or Square POS if you have it linked.

    • If selecting Cash enter the Cash amount being received and then click on Make Payment to complete.


    • If you add an amount for more than what is due it will tell you how much change to give your customer as per below example, €70 was entered and €5 required as change.



      View your Sale in Enterpryze on the Home Screen


      Once your Sale has been added an Invoice & Payment are now posted to Enterpryze. You can see these postings as they happen on your Home Screen Transactions Feed in Enterpryze as per below.


      • From here you can drill into either of the transactions and it shows you the Customer account the Store sales were posted to.


      Review your Payments in Enterpryze POS


      • Above your list of Products click on Show Receipts to see a list of all receipts that you have posted.

      • Click on the Receipt to see the details

      • You can choose to Refund or Send Receipt to email a copy the customer.

        If you choose to Refund a Sales Credit note will be posted to Enterpryze.


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