How to add activities for Customers

How to add your customer activities and see notifications in your Home Screen.

Why add an activity?

You can add an activity for calls, meetings, tasks etc or to add notes to an account. You will be able to see this activity in your calendar in Enterpryze and through My Activities on your Home Screen.

You can easily add activities for any of your Customers through the Companies menu. This can be done directly from the Customer details screen or you can click on the Activities button available in most modules.

Adding an activity through the Customer details screen

These steps will take you through creating an activity from the Customer Details screen as the customer contact details will get automatically populated for you.

  1. Now click on Companies - Customers and select the customer account you want to add an activity for.

  2. Now click on New activity button beside the customer search field.

3. The New Activity window contains the Customer account information, you can change the customer account from here. The Customer details is automatically populated for you as per below example, you can change the customer or contact person if required.

  • Closed - this is only ticked when are closing an activity after you have followed up with the actions.

  • Scheduled - this is used to schedule a service call to appear in the Service module

4. Now assign the activity details:

  • Activity Title - enter a short description for your activity

  • Type - select an activity type that best suits from the list

  • Assigned To - this defaults to the logged in user but you can change it.

  • Priority - you can choose from Low, Medium or High

  • Action - select the action to take such as Phone call, meeting, task etc

  • Subject - select the subject, options only appear for some of the Types or you can leave this blank.

  • Start/End - This is the Start and End date/time for the activity, click on each one to change the values.

5. Now enter the Details which is a full description of your activity and you can also set a Reminder to appear in your notifications.

6. Now click on Save when you are ready to add the activity.

TIP: Now check out your Home screen, My Activities section which will show you any activities you have scheduled which you can drill into from here. Example below.

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