How to add a new Bank Account

How to add a new Bank Account How to add your new Bank accounts for UOB and for other Banks. Sharon Mulligan

How to setup Bank accounts

When registering your interest to use Entepryze through the UOB BizSmart website site you will be asked to specify your UOB bank accounts that you want to link. You can also add new UOB accounts directly in Enterpryze. You will not see any live Bank feed until UOB enable the account for you.

In Enterpryze go to Banking – Accounts

The screen details your UOB Bank Accounts showing if the automatic Bank Feed has been enabled. This shows the System bank GL account linked to it in Enterpryze, with real time Bank Balance and the number of transactions not yet reconciled.

Other Bank Accounts are also listed here.

To add a new Bank Account, click on Setup new bank account

Fill in the fields as follows:

1. Bank – select the type of Bank account from the list, UOB, OCBC, DBS or Other

2. Bank Branch – enter the branch for your bank account

3. Bank Account number – enter your bank account number

4. Bank Account name – enter your bank account name

5. Currency – select the currency for your bank account

6. System account linked – select the GL account from Enterpryze that will link to your Bank account, this will be used as part of the Bank reconciliation to match up your live bank transactions with the transactions posted in Enterpryze.

7. Tick box to accept terms & conditions

8. Now click on Add bank account

Once your Bank account has been added you can:

1. Make Default – select a bank account as the default account for your organisation. The first bank account that you add will be set as default automatically but this can be changed.

2. See your live Bank Balance which is updated each night and number of unreconciled transactions

3. Bank Feed enabled – shows that live bank feed is enabled by UOB

4. Edit – allows you to change the system account linked to your Bank

5. Reconcile – this will take you to the Bank Reconciliation window for this bank account

On the right side of the Bank accounts screen you will be able to see when the last live feed was received for your Bank accounts. Also displayed is the total balance for all your Bank accounts based on the system rates in Enterpryze.

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