General FAQ's

Check out our answers for general FAQ's for Enterpryze. Sharon Mulligan

General FAQ's

We have provided a list of questions and answers to help you navigate Enterpryze as you get setup and running. We understand some of these questions can cost you time so let us help you get there faster!🙌

Question: How do I change my password after I login to Enterpryze?

Answer: Click on your Profile and change your password there.

Question: I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Answer: On the login screen for Enterpryze click on Forgot Password, you will then be asked to enter your email address where you will be sent instructions to reset your password.

Question: Can I setup two factor authentication for Enterpryze?

Answer: Yes you can do this by clicking on your Profile, then click on Security to set the Two Factor Authentication.

Question: I am a first time user and cannot login to Enterpryze?

Answer: Check your emails to see if you received an activation email from your administrator and check with your administrator that you have been given permissions to use Enterpryze.

Question: What browsers are supported with Enterpryze?

Answer: Chrome and Firefox are supported.

Question: There has been an update to the application but I cannot see applied changes to the browser?

Answer: If applied changes cannot be seen it may be that your browser is cached and needs to be refreshed. Hit Control & F5 together, which will clear the history.

Question: Can I use Enterpryze web App on my iMac?

Answer: Yes you can, Enterpryze desktop is compatible with any device running Chrome.

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