Enterpryze: March update📣

Enterpryze: March update📣 Check out all our updates to Enterpryze for March.

Enterpryze March updates

In Enterpryze we listen to you and try to provide changes that will bring value to your business. Our developers have released the following cool changes, take a look:👀

Document changes:📃

  1. Re-order document lines on your Sales Quotes and Sales Orders

How will it benefit the user?

Allows users to change the ordering of their document lines after adding them. Previously, if such a mistake were made customers would have to delete lines one by one and re-add them. Now, moving line order is a simple drag and drop, the same applies to physical item lines, service item lines & text lines.

How to use the feature.

Open & edit a sales order or quote. Click and drag an item line from the left side of the row and move up or down to the desired position.

2. See Stock availability when you drill into quantity on a document line🛒

How will it benefit the user?

More information available from within a document, this data was not previously accessible without going into the item module. With this update, users can check on their stock levels from the sales or purchase documents themselves.

How to use the feature.

Open any sales or purchase documents with physical items included. Click on the quantity hyperlink in the item lines to open the new stock availability pop up.

3. Now you can see your Tax Code & Tax Rate on sales documents

How will it benefit the user?

The data available to users is more relevant now, previously only tax percentage was viewable while now the tax code and name is also visible.

How to use the feature.

Open any sales document and click ‘expand’ on an item line to enter expanded mode. View the updated tax field.

4. On Sales Orders in view mode the 'Back to Back' & 'Deliver' fields are visible

How will it benefit the user?

Easier access to information – these are details that could only previously be seen when editing or creating a document, so it is now available in view mode when reviewing.

How to use the feature.

Open any sales order in view mode by clicking into the document. The new columns will be on display.

5. For CRM you can select the Lead Name in the Grid & Lead no. on Pipeline

How will it benefit the user?

More visibility and filtering options. The lead name in column chooser grants users the ability to search and filter using this column – easier to find leads & build better custom reports. Lead number on the pipeline simply grants more visibility to this information rather than opening documents up individually.

How to use the feature.

For lead name – Click on CRM, Leads, Actions, Column chooser. Drag the new column out into the document grid.

For lead number, just navigate to the pipeline to view this information in its new location.

Bank Feed Integration

1. Change for UOB Bank Feeds - Bank transaction from Bank Feed auto selected on Bank Reconciliation.

What does it do?

When viewing the UOB transaction feed in the Banking home page and a transaction is clicked on, the user is automatically taken to reconciliation screen with the transaction in questions selected by default. If a match on the bank feed can be found, it was also be selected automatically.

How will it benefit the user?

Shortcut the reconciliation screen for individual transactions from the UOB transaction feed. Not only is the page loaded automatically but Enterpryze will also select the transaction in question and attempt to automatically match it with one off the user’s live bank feed.

How to use the feature.

Click on the row for any entry in the feed to be automatically directed to the reconciliation page with attempted auto matching with the feed.

New Security feature🔐

1. New automatic sign-out from Enterpryze after 20 minutes.

We have implemented an automatic sign-out to ensure your data is protected when you are not using Enterpryze. You will see the below on your login screen to confirm that your session expired, simply log back in to continue processing your transactions in Enterpryze.

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