Enterpryze Customer Portal: How will your Contacts use the Portal

Find out how your Customer will be able to use the Portal, what will appear on login and how to use it fully.


This is where your Supplier allows you to access your transactions and company details. Your Supplier will create and activate a user account for you. You will then receive an email to activate your account and start using the Customer Portal.

The below will be available based on permissions given by your Supplier for your company.

  • View and create Service calls

  • Add activities to your Service calls

  • View sales transactions for your company, quotes, orders, deliveries, invoices & credit notes.

  • Your Supplier can send you a Quote for approval in Customer One, this will arrive in the form of an email link – this does not require the user to have a Customer One account.

  • Add Sales orders which will be sent to your Supplier

  • Maintain your company details, adding contacts and updating addresses

  • View & download your account Statement

How to find your way round the Customer One screen…

  • Maximise your screen click on icon on top left of screen

  • Set Filtersclick on funnel icon to filter on any column, red indicates that this column has a default filter set already


  • Click to reset your filters


  • Search – enter your search criteria e.g. document number

Service Calls

The options below are based on permissions given by your Supplier.

  • Create a Service call – your Supplier will see this call once it has been added.

  • See a list of Service calls that have been logged for your Company.

  • See who logged the call, what Queue/technician it has been assigned to.

  • Drill into the Service call to see details and any related activities.

  • Add an activity to a Service call

You can now create a New Service call if your Supplier has given you permission.

  • Click on New Service call

  • Subjectenter a short description

  • Remarksenter the details

  • Attachments add image files to your Service call here

Sales Orders

You can now create a New Sales Order if your Supplier has given you permission.

  • Click on Sales > Sales orders > Create a new sales order

  • Now fill in the Sales order details:

    • Bill to Address select the address to send the invoice to.

    • Ship to Address select the address to deliver the goods to.

    • Referenceenter your reference number here.

    • Posting Date this is the date for the order and will default to today’s date.

    • Due Date this is the expected delivery date for the order which default’s to 30 days after the posting date.

Now add your items:

  • Click on Add item

    • Group select the Group the item belongs to make search easier.

    • Code enter the Supplier item code if you know it, otherwise type in part of the item description to search for the item

    • Namethis will appear once the code is selected

    • Quantity enter the quantity required, above this it will display the Available Quantity with your supplier.

    • Price & Total the price is as agreed with your Supplier and the total is calculated from the quantity by the price

    • + Add additional Itemclick here to add more items

You can now add/edit/delete items on your Sales Order. You will be able to see available stock before adding the items.

  • Click on +Add Item to add another item

  • Click pencil icon to EDIT a line item details

  • Click on bin icon to DELETE a line

  • Comments you can add your own comments here

Sales Invoices

For Sales Invoices you can choose to pay them by credit card through the portal. Select your Invoice that is Open and click on PAY, select the credit card option for Stripe and process the payment.

For other countries that allow QR code payments, the payment method will also appear here, example below shows PAYNOW for Singapore.

🎥Find out everything you need to know and watch the video!

And now some FAQ’s to help you along the way🙌

Q: Can’t see Service calls/transactions for your account?

A: Contact your Supplier to enable the required transactions for you.

Q: Added a new contact but they can’t login?

A: Contact your Supplier to enable the user, the user will then receive an email to proceed with login.

Q: Can’t see all Organisations that I need to see transactions for?

A: Contact your Supplier to add you to each account.

Q: Can I change my password after I login?

A: Click on ‘My Profile’ on left side of your screen to change your password.

Q: I have forgotten my password how do I reset it?

A: On the login screen for Customer One click on ‘Forgot your password?’

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