Enterpryze Customer Portal: How to give access to your contacts

Find out how easy it is to give access to your Customer Contacts and enable them to start using Enterpryze Customer Portal.


This article will take you through the steps to assign your contacts access to the Enterpryze Customer Portal.

  • Add your contact to your Customer details, this contact must not already be an Enterpryze user.

  • Enable the contact access to the Customer Portal

  • Once you have enabled the contact access they will receive an email with a link to Enterpryze Customer Portal.




  1. 1. Add your contacts to your Customer details

  • Click on Companies > Customers

  • Search for your Customer

  • Click on the Contacts tab to see all existing Contacts

  • From the Contacts tab you can add new Contacts


  1. 2. Enable the contact access to the Customer Portal

  • For any contact that you wish to allow access to the Customer portal simply click on 'Create Self Service account'

  1. 3. Your contact will receive an email to Activate their login to the Customer Portal.

    This is a sample of the email:


  2. Now that your contacts can access the Customer Portal, find out what they will see after login.

You can set individual Service calls/activities, documents visible/hidden for your Customer.

Simply click into the document and click on the eye which is BLUE for visible or RED for hidden.

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