Enterpryze Customer Portal: How to get setup

Enterpryze Customer Portal: How to get setup Find out how to apply settings for your Enterpryze Customer Portal.


In this article you will find out what settings are available to enable your contacts to start using the Enterpryze Customer Portal.

All settings assigned apply to all of your contacts for all your Customers that you allow access to the portal. You will be able to enable access to specific documents as you go, check this out in the next article.

Now assign your settings

  1. Click on Self Service on the left side of your screen


  2. Now Enable the Customer Portal by ticking the below box.


  3. You will now see a list of controls for each transaction type. You can now decide which transaction types are visible to your contacts and which transactions they can create through the portal.

    • Business Partners - if you select the box to add Addresses this will allow your contacts to manage and update their account information when it changes.


    • Restrict Item Groups - this enables you to restrict the Stock Item groups that your Customer Contact will have access to when adding a Sales order through the portal. This means that a limited list of stock items will be appear that they can choose from which is specific to their needs. Saving your customer contact time going through lists of stock items to find the one they need.

    • Service Calls - there are a number of controls for the Service calls option, some of these options are repeated for other transactions so the outcome is the same.

      • Enabled - by ticking this box you are enabling your contacts access to their Service calls

      • Add new Service Call - select this option to allow your contacts to add new service calls through the portal

      • Default Service Queue - select the service queue for the new service calls to appear in Enterpryze

      • Default Handled by - select the user to handle service calls coming from the portal, they can of course be reassigned in Enterpryze

      • Default Visibility - by selecting visible the Service calls tab will appear in the portal

      • Hide Older than - if you specify a date here and click on Hide any transactions older than date will not be visible.

      • Sales Orders - for Sales orders you can enable your contacts to add new Sales orders, see stock availability at the time of ordering and select the warehouse the stock will be taken from.


  4. Now you can test the login to the Customer portal to see what your contacts are going to see using the Test access option.

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