Enterpryze App - Getting started

How to download, register and setup your Enterpryze app.

This Article contains the following to help you get started using Enterpryze App:

> Download the App and get registered

> Settings for admin

Follow these easy steps to download and register to start using

Enterpryze App.

1. Download the App

1.1 Search for Enterpryze App on App Store or Google Play Store.

- Android – version 6.0 and up.

- iOS - iOS 11 .0 and up for iPhone and iPad

- Compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

Google Play Store

App Store

2. Registration - it’s quick & easy, follow these 3 easy steps!

2.1 Create an account tap on Sign Up

2.2 Fill in the required information:

  • Step 1 - Enter in your Contact and Company information, your email address and Password will be used for your login so please take note. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

  • Step 2 - select your Country and Enterpryze Package.

Tip: You can always upgrade to a higher package later.

  • Step 3 - Enter the OTP code that has been sent to your Phone number, if you did not receive it you can tap on Resend to generate it again to your mobile phone.

2.3 You will now receive a message to confirm your registration is successful and you can now start using the App by tapping on My Dashboard.

Now login and proceed to Settings to complete your setup.


This is where you define all the options required to successfully add your payments.

To access Settings, tap on the Hamburger menu on the top left and then tap on Settings.

Here is the list of options available to you in Settings.

1. Manage Bank Account

  • Tap on Add Bank Account

  • Step 1 - Fill in your Bank account details, select your Bank UOB or other. Then tap on Next.

Tip: Check out the article on Bank account approval with UOB.

2. Update Business Details

Update your company details here, add a logo to set your brand image to follow through on the documents you email to your customers.

4. Update My details

As you have registered the company you are the primary registered User. You can update your details here, add an image to your profile, your role is automatically Admin with full access to everything in the system.

Tap on Save to keep any changes you make.

Tip: To add additional Users you will need to access the Web Browser App with the same login details and follow these steps to add new users.

5. Update my Password

You can update your Password here, this can also be done within the Web Browser App.

6. PayNow Details

You can enter your PayNow accounts details here so your App is ready to take payments using the QR code.

What's next: Check out how to add your Customers and Items so you can get started with Invoicing.

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