Enterpryze App - Dashboard

Get the most from the Dashboard with the Transaction Feed and monthly income and expense summary.

Dashboard overview

The Dashboard tab gives you a complete view of your business transactions. With the following options you will always be up-to-date on how well your business is performing on a daily basis.

  • Transactions Feed

  • Monthly Summary

1. Transactions Feed

The Transaction Feed lists all the transactions you have added starting with the newest transaction at the top. Tap on any transaction to view the details or collect payment for any Open Invoices.

  • Simply tap on View More where you can see the Transactions Feed for Sales or Purchase transactions, you can change date selection to view and also set Filters

2. Monthly Summary

  • Use the Monthly summary to see what Sales and Purchases you have, select the months range to see your totals change.

  • Tap on the graph results to see the values change for each month.

TIP: You can get more Banking analysis from the Dashboards in the Enterpryze browser app.

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