Enterpryze App - Collect & Make Payments

How to easily Collect payments from your customers or make a payment to your supplier, selecting invoices and payment methods.

Payments Overview

The Enterpryze App enables you to process payments for your Customers and your Suppliers. In both options you will be able to select the number of invoices to pay and how to make the payment by PayNow, Cash, Cheque, Transfer.

  • Collect Payment - from your customer

  • Make Payment - to your supplier.

TIP: Once added your payments can be reconciled to your Bank account in the Enterpryze Accounting Package browser app.

Collect Payment

Use the Collect Payment option to record payments received from your Customer.

  • On the Dashboard tap on Collect Payment

  • Now tap on the Payment method being used by your customer, choose from one of the options PayNow, Cash, Cheque and Credit Card.

N.B. In this example I chose Cash

  • You will now get a list of all your Customers, search for your customer and tap on the customer to select that account.

  • Now you will see a list of due invoices for this customer, simply tick the invoices to select the ones the customer is paying.

  • Then tap on Add Invoices at the bottom of the screen

  • Now you are taken to the Collect Payment screen where you can select the Bank Account for this payment, it also displays the Payment amount and customer. In addition you can add in Comment.

  • Now tap on Collect to complete the Payment

  • You will now get a confirmation screen that the payment was successful. You can tap on View Details to email the customer or simply tap on Back to Dashboard to exit out.

Make Payment

Use the Make Payment option to record payments issued to your Supplier.

  • On the Dashboard tap on Collect Payment

  • Now tap on the Payment Method being used for your supplier, choose from one of the options Cash, Cheque and Transfer.

  • Complete the steps as outlined for Collecting a payment, you choose your Supplier, select the invoices to Pay, complete the Payment screen.

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