Enterpryze App - Bank Account setup and approval with UOB

Setup your bank account and get it approved with UOB so you can start adding payments to the app. Sharon Mulligan

Bank Account approval process

As part of setting up the Enterpryze App you will need to add your UOB Bank account details to Settings. Once added you will then need to wait for UOB to approve your bank account and once enabled it will be available for you to start posting payments in Enterpryze.

Tip: The approval process can take up to a few days with UOB.

To add your Bank account in Enterpryze App

1. Tap on Menu > Settings > Manage Bank Accounts

2. Tap on Add Bank Account

3. Add your Bank Account details: Account Name, select UOB Bank, enter Account Number and select Currency. Now tap on Next.

4. Accept the terms and conditions.

5. Now your Bank account is added with status Pending Approval. This means that it is waiting for UOB to approve the Bank account for you.

There is also a link at the bottom of your screen with message about pending bank accounts with link to this article to help you understand further.

5. When will I know my Account is approved, what happens next?

Monitor your Bank Accounts as in step 5 you will see the status for Pending Approval will be removed. You will receive an email confirming your Bank account approval from UOB.

Now you can proceed to add your Payments and see your Bank Feed in the Dashboard on the app or you can also see it in the Enterpryze Web Browser!

What's next: Setup your Customers and add a quick invoice and get paid.

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