Enterpryze App - Add Quick Invoice & Pay

How to add a quick Invoice & Pay, this is for invoices with amounts to make quick entries. This is relevant for both Sales and Purchase.

What is a Quick Invoice

This is a simple invoice entry allowing you to enter an amount to post to your Customer or Supplier Account. On Saving the Invoice you will also be able to Pay the Invoice and complete the sales/purchase process.

1. To add a Quick Invoice for Sales

  • From the main Dashboard, Tap on Sales > +plus sign > Invoice > Quick Invoice

  • Enter a description for your Invoice, this is optional.

  • Enter the Total Amount you would like to Invoice. This is the amount excluding any Tax as Tax will be added at the end of your screen.

  • Select the Tax Rate that applies to this invoice.

  • Now select the Customer and Date for your Invoice, the date will default to today's date.

  • In the Pricing section the Amount that you entered will now appear in the Subtotal. Tax will be applied to this amount after saving your invoice.

  • For the Discount you can tap on this field and enter a discount amount or Discount % to apply to the overall invoice. Then tap on Save to update the discount onto the invoice.

  • You are now ready to finish adding your Invoice, tap on Save at the bottom.

What's next: There are more actions you can carry out on your invoice that you can check out here, such as Edit, Duplicate, Share (email) and more.

2. Now Collect Payment for your Invoice

You can now proceed to collect your payment for this invoice. The next screen displays all of the Invoice details that you have just saved.

  • Now tap on Collect

  • Select the payment method the customer is using.

  • If using PayNow

  • If using Cash

  • If using Cheque

You can choose to view the payment details or tap on Back to Dashboard to continue.

What's next: How to enter a quantity Invoice with Items.

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