Enterpryze App - Add Customers and contacts

Add your customer and suppliers, add your contacts.

Contacts Tab

The Contacts tab contains your Customers, Suppliers and contacts within those companies. From here you can add new companies, edit company information, add new people, call your Customer/Supplier and email.

Tap on the Contacts Tab to see a list of your Customers and Suppliers.

To Add a new Customer or Supplier

1. Tap on the Contacts Tab at the bottom of your screen, Select Customers or Suppliers tab then tap on plus sign.

2. Select the Company Type, Customer or Supplier.

3. Enter the Unique Identification Number (UEN) then tap on Retrieve UEN Information.

4. Now fill in your customer details such as Name, address, phone number and email. This will be used as the Billing address on your Invoices.

5. You can enable this Customer for Peppol.

This is for Singapore localisation only, if your Organisation is registered with Peppol you can select invoices to send through Peppol, your Customer must also be setup correctly. There is a video available on our YouTube channel to take you through the setup required Click here.

Tip: You will be able to send the Invoices through Peppol from the Web Browser application, there is an option on the Sales Invoices Actions button to do this.

1. Now Save your Customer account.

To add a new Contact

Contacts are the people within your Customer or Supplier companies. They can also be people you simply want to record as contacts on your app that are not linked a Customer or Supplier.

1. Tap on the Contacts Tab at the bottom of your screen, then tap on plus sign and choose Person.

2. Now fill in the contact information such as name, email, phone and address.

3. Now tap on Save to add your Contact.

What's next: See how to add your Items and start invoicing.

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