Enterpryze App - Add a Quantity Invoice

How to add an invoice with Items and quantities, this applies to both Sales & Purchase Invoices.

What is a Quantity Invoice

This is an invoice entry allowing you to select Items, apply the quantities you require to post to your Customer or Supplier Account. On Saving the Invoice you will also be able to Pay the Invoice and complete the sales/purchase process if you wish.

1. To add a Quantity Invoice for Sales

  • From the main Dashboard, Tap on Sales > +plus sign > Invoice > Quantity

  • You will see that the Invoice for Quantity screen appears.

  • Now select your Customer.

  • The Invoice Date defaults to today's date.

  • Select a Due date for this invoice, this is the date the invoice should be paid by.

  • Now tap on Add Item to select the items that you require.

  • You are now on a screen with a list of your Items, you can use the search box to locate your item or simply scroll through the list. If you setup Categories for your items they will be displayed within the group.

  • Now simply tap on the plus sign beside the quantity box for each item that you require on the Invoice.

  • When you have finished selecting your items and quantities tap on the Add Item button at the bottom of your screen to update the Invoice.

  • You can still make changes to your item selection and quantities by tapping on the Add Item button again,

  • In the Pricing section the total amount for all items will now appear in the Subtotal. Tax will now be applied to this amount if you have assigned tax rates to your items.

  • For the Discount you can tap on this field and enter a discount amount or Discount % to apply to the overall invoice. Then tap on Save to update the discount onto the invoice.

  • You can enter in optional references and comment.

  • You are now ready to finish adding your Invoice, tap on Save at the bottom.

More Actions: There are more actions you can carry out on your invoice, you can Edit, Collect payment or Email.

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