Getting started with Enterpryze

This guide describes the best practice steps to get your Enterpryze up and running to suit your needs in the Invoice & Pay Package as part of onboarding. Make your Business better from the start!

Outlined below are a list of recommendations to get you started, with links to relevant articles on how to carry out those actions.

TIP: You can skip any step if it is not relevant to your business.

1. Setup your Organisation

1.1 Organisation settings: It is important to setup your Organisation details as these will be used throughout Enterpryze on your documents. This contains information such as your Company name, address, contact details, Tax ID and company logo.

1.2 Add your Users: add the users you will need access to Enterpryze, set their authorisation and make sure they can only access their required functionality.

2. Banking Setup

2.1 Settings for Banking: Define Payment terms that will be linked to your Customers and suppliers to determine when invoices will be due to be paid.

3. Import or manually add your data

3.1 File Importer: Use the File importer for import your Customers, Suppliers, Invoices or Items from Excel. Use your own or download our templates to ensure they match to the required format.

3.2 Add Customers/Suppliers manually: You can setup your Customers/Suppliers manually through the Companies function. Also use this feature to edit your Customers/Suppliers, add bank accounts, set required tax status, add contacts.

3.3 Add Service Items: You can setup Service Items to use in the Invoice & Pay Package which can be selected on all your documents Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Note, Purchase Invoice and Purchase Credit Note.

This allows you to set a default Sales & Purchase price and tax codes relevant to your service items, just to note there is no stock totals recorded for these items.

4. Add Opening Balances

4.1 Add Open Sales Invoices as Sales Service Invoices: If you have any Open Sales invoices that you would like to record in Enterpryze. These are invoices that are not yet paid and any new invoices issued since you closed your accounts.

Tip: You can also use the File Importer as per step 3.1 to import any of the above.

5. Choose document layouts

5.1 PDF Gallery: Take a look at the PDF Gallery and decide on the layouts that best suit your Business needs.

5.2 Set your document layouts: Now set the default PDF layout in Enterpryze for each of your documents based on the selection you viewed in the PDF gallery.

What's next:

Invoice & Pay Package tutorials on the Enterpryze Academy🎥

Check out the training videos available for the Invoice & Pay Package on our YouTube playlist for the Enterpryze Academy.

Now you are ready to start Invoicing and adding Payments in Enterpryze!

If you need any help check out our chat box available on the browser app, you can search the help articles and also message our Enterpryze Support Team, help is always on hand!😊

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