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EDS - Prerequisites & Firewall information⚠

Requirements for installing your EDS, prerequisites and firewall information for administrators.

Before installing your EDS for Enterpryze please review the requirements detailed below with your administrator.

Pre requisites

  • SAP B1 version 9.1 PL 05 or higher installed for SQL instances 2012 or higher and SAP B1 version 9.1 PL 06 + SAP HDB Client version 1.0.85 or higher installed for SAP HANA instances

  • Firewall configuration of the SAP server (must be same server that the SAP DI API resides on) so that port 8099 (or another port of your choosing) on the IP address of the SAP server is open for incoming and outgoing communication with Enterpryze Cloud IP’s

  • Minimum of .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed on SAP Server for the Enterpryze Data Service to run

  • 1 Professional Licenced SAP User credential with Super user access in SAP– used for integration to allow data exchange between SAP and Enterpryze Mobile. ‘Professional User’ type of license needs to be assigned to the user

  • SAP Employees – SAP Employees created in SAP can be linked to new Enterpryze Users in order to display SAP data linked to their Employee record in the Enterpryze Mobile feed – ‘My Feed’. Each user must have an Employee Master data record set up within the Human resources module in SAP that can then be linked to their user in Enterpryze.

Firewall config

You need to make sure your server can communicate both ways with Enterpryze servers.

Enterpryze environment uses the popular TCP/IP and HTTPS protocols to communicate, so your network setup will be very simple.

The integration with your SAP database will involve the setting up and installation of an integration service on your SAP Server.

This will require firewall configuration for port 8099 to be opened for incoming and outgoing connections with the Enterpryze Middleware IP’s:

IP Addresses;

Please note that for additional/multiple database connections to Enterpryze, these will require additional ports to be configured. Each database will require its own port- example 8098, 8097 etc.

Incoming traffic

Most computer networks these days are protected by firewalls blocking any unwanted communication between computers in your network and the Internet. In order for Enterpryze to work, some communication has to be permitted.

Your local network and – more specifically – your SAP Server has to be able to communicate with the Enterpryze Cloud. There are 3 network (IP) addresses:

Your firewall (we can safely assume, you have one in place), has to permit the communication with those 3 addresses, so a rule has to be added in your firewall configuration, to permit INCOMING traffic on PORT 8099*, from and to the above listed IP addresses – and just them, nobody else (meaning: no other IP addresses should be allowed access).

*NOTE: If your installation is using a port number different from 8099, please adjust this setup accordingly.

Outgoing traffic

Most computers behind firewalls can access the Internet to use e.g. WWW – the websites. You might want to make sure that your SAP Server can access the following website:


If your server cannot navigate to that site, you may require some specialist help from our support, as it is likely you have some extra security measures in place.

Your setup checklist

  1. The Enterpryze Data Service has been installed and it is running (started) in Windows Services on your SAP server.

  2. The port number that has been provided during the installation of the data service is open between the IP addresses of,, – and your Internet facing router/firewall

  3. The port forwarding for the designated port between the router and your SAP server has been configured

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