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Changes to your External IP address

Changes to your External IP address How to update your IP address details in Enterpryze if it changes and reconnect your EDS.

When you first connect your Enterpryze, it is recommended that you have a static IP address so that it won't change. However, if changing internet provider or router, your external IP may change.

So what changes need to be done to in Enterpryze?

In Enterpryze you will need to update your configuration with the new public IP address so that your EDS can continue to communicate.

Follow the below steps to change the IP address and reconnect your database:

  • In Enterpryze, go to the Integration page to input your new public IP address. Click on the "online" button on the bottom left for easy access. Note: You will need to be an admin to access this area.

  • Enter your new public IP replacing the old one. Be sure to keep your EDS port in here and once entered click save. You will get a warning when changing this- click ok and proceed to save. Once your new IP has changed, be sure to check your network to make sure that your EDS can still communicate. If this fails, please check your firewall configuration rules before proceeding to the next steps.

  • Now we will need to re-establish the connection with the EDS back to SAP. To do this, go to the Enterpryze config file on the server. This will be in the Enterpryze data service folder on the local C drive in either Progam files (if 64 bit) or Program Files (x86) (if 32 bit). In the Enterpryze folder open the Enterpryze config.exe file

  • Next you are going to wipe the configuration and then re-enter the details back on the web page. Be sure to take note of all of the information before wiping the EDS.

  • Now select Wipe configuration and enter the email address of the admin email in the EDS

  • Now that your EDS has been wiped, save and close the .exe file and go back to the Enterpryze web page. You will need to enter the details back into the web page on step 3 in the integration page.

  • Once you have entered the details and selected save the configuration, you should get a success message that the company has been reconnected again

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