BOM Importer - FAQ's⁉

All your questions answered around using the Bill of Materials Importer.

What Account and Password should I use? 

You should use your normal Enterpryze login credentials, the same ones you use for logging into Enterpryze Web application. 


Does the App support multiple companies? 

If your account has access to multiple companies, you can switch to any of these in the Settings screen. 


Can I add new items using this import? 

No, you must ensure all relevant parent and component items exist in Enterpryze before importing the BOM structures.  Please use the existing Enterpryze Item Importer or manual entry to create your items. 


Can I convert a regular stock item to a Bill of Material item? 

Yes, the import program will automatically convert a stock item to a Bill of Material parent if you import BOM details for it. 


Can I change an existing Bill of Material to a list of components? 

Yes, select “Replace” when importing if you wish to completely replace an existing BOM with a new set of components. 


Can I update an existing Bill of Material with some changes? 

Yes, ensure the file contains any new components and any components where the quantity / warehouse have changed. select “Merge” when importing if you wish.  Note you cannot remove existing lines using the “Merge” function. 


Can I remove components from an existing Bill of Material? 

Yes, this is supported via the “Replace” option.  You need to provide a file that contains the complete new Bill of Material.  Any existing components not included in the file will be removed from the BOM.