BOM Importer - User Guide

A simple guide to import your Bill of Materials into Enterpryze.

1. Login to the BOM importer.

Please Note:  Logins only allow one concurrent use, so you can't use the Power App and Enterpryze Mobile Apps at the same time.  However you can log into the Web App and Power App with your login.

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You should log in to the Power App using your normal Enterpryze credentials. 


1.2 BOM Importer screen will now appear.

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1.2.1 Load BOM File 

Press the “Select File” button and select the BOM file you wish to load. 

Alternatively, you can drag/drop a BOM file from windows explorer onto the Select File button to load it. 

The file will be loaded into the application and processed to show one line per parent product including the number of component lines. 


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The “Expand” button can be used to view the component details such as item codes and quantities. 

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1.2.2 Select Import Rules 

The application allows you to select how to handle updates to existing BOMs where the Parent Item already has a BOM structure defined in Enterpryze. 


Replaces any existing components with contents from the file 


New components included in the file will be added. 

Existing components included in the file will be updated to match the file. 

Existing components not in the file will remain unchanged. 


The BOM will not be updated. 


1.2.3 Select BOMs for Import 

The application allows you to select one or more BOMs from the list for import. 

The checkbox in the header allows you to quickly select all BOMs. 


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1.2.4 Import 

After selecting the BOMs you wish to import, pressing the “Import” button will begin the process.  This may take several minutes to complete depending on the number of BOMs. 

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During processing the progress will be displayed in the right-hand column. 

At the end of the process a message will report the number of BOMs successfully imported, and notification of any that failed to import. 


Any BOMs that failed to import should be updated manually in Enterpryze after resolving any relevant data issues. 


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