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BOM Explosion - User Guide📖

Follow these steps to extract your Multi BOM details to Excel to help with your Production Planning process.

1. Login to the BOM Explosion App.

Please Note:  Logins only allow one concurrent use, so you can't use the Power App and Enterpryze Mobile Apps at the same time.  However you can log into the Web App and Power App with your login.

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You should log in to the Power App using your normal Enterpryze credentials. 


1.2 Bill of Material Explosion screen will now appear.


1.2.1 Select the Parent BOM to export 

Enter in the Parent BOM to export, this is the top level BOM, it will start to search for the item as you type.

Now name your Excel File and save it to your required location.

The Excel file will be loaded example below:

  • Row 1 - Contains the Parent BOM code and name.
    • The QTY field represents the QTY of the Parent Item to be made
    • The Date & Time confirm when this export was generated
  • Row 2 - Contains the header level names of the data being exported
    • Level - This is the Level number for your Multi BOM, so for example: Level 1 Parent Item and it's components
    • Parent - The Parent item code
    • Component - The Component Code
    • Component Description - The Component name
    • Quantity - The QTY required to make the product
    • Extended Quantity - The QTY of the Top level Item in the BOM
    • Warehouse - The Warehouse for that item
    • In  Stock (Warehouse) - What's in stock for the warehouse
    • In Stock (All) - What's in stock for all warehouse

  • Row 3 and on - Contains the BOM and Component details.

Note:  If you have ticked Highlight BOM Parents in the Settings, each BOM Parent item will show in Blue on the results.


1.2.2 Change the QTY to plan your Production Process 

On Row 1 change the QTY to the value you require to make for the Parent Item, this will then calculate all required stock needed throughout the Multi BOM on the report.

You can now save this as a new report and use in the Planning of your Production process for each item and each stage.


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