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BOM Explosion - Introduction

An insight to the value of using the BOM Exploder as a planning tool for your Production process.

The BOM Explosion Power App provides the user the ability to export a Bill of Material to Excel to show all the multi levels linked to the Parent item.  Any other Parent Items and all Raw material components with their required quantities will be listed.


This can be done for 1 product at a time and will show a maximum of 10 levels on the spreadsheet.

Use the Explosion App as a Production Planner

Within the Excel file there is a Quantity field that you can populate with the required value for the top level Product and this will tell you the breakdown of raw materials stock required at each level below that.



Now you have a Production planning report available to use in the making of your final products.  You will have visibility on the day at that time what stock is available, what stock could affect the Production process if there are shortages in your Raw Materials.


What's next:  Installation guide for BOM Explosion