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BOM Explosion - Simple guide to install on your PC👇

Follow these steps to extract the BOM Exploder power App to your PC.

1. Installation

The Power App is provided in a zip file.  It does not require ‘installation’, simply unzip to any location on your local PC and launch by double clicking on the “BOMExplosion.exe”.

Depending on your PC configuration on first use you may be prompted to download and install the required Microsoft .NET runtime, a link to the Microsoft site is provided if this step is required.

Ensure you download and install the version of .NET runtime appropriate to your PC.  It is recommended you only download and install this from the Microsoft site, do not use 3rd party sites.

2.    Configuration

2.1    Power App Settings
The settings screen can be launched by using the settings button on the main screen. 

The following settings can be made in the Power App before exploding BOM files. 


The BOM Importer Compatibility option is left unticked by default so should not be changed.  This should only be ticked if you wish to export the BOM details to match the format used in the BOM importer template.

    • Select the Company you wish to configure/use 
    • The option Highlight BOM Parents will simply show a blue highlight on each level of the BOM that represents a Parent on the Excel sheet.  This will visually help you in identifying which BOM's to make in the Production process.  This is not ticked by default so please select if required.
    • Click on Save. 
    • Repeat for any other companies you wish to use. 


    What's next:  BOM Explosion User Guide