Banking terms

Explanation of terms used throughout Banking articles to help you further understand.


Allocated this means when transactions have been matched against other transactions.

Auto Matching when this option is selected on your Bank reconciliation the system will check for matching amounts on your Bank Feed and on Enterpryze transactions (system).

Bank reconciliation this allows you to match your UOB Bank transactions with your system transactions in Enterpryze.

GL Account this is a General Ledger Account which records the financial transactions that you post in the system.

Incoming Payments this is a payment you receive from your Customer or refund from a Supplier.

Outgoing Payments this is a payment to your Supplier or refund to a customer.

Match Selected this is when you manually select the transactions to match them on your Bank reconciliation.

Net Amount this is the amount without tax applied.

Reconcile to reconcile is to make sure that your bank transactions agree with your Enterpryze transactions which also helps to identify missing transactions.

Unallocated this means the transactions have not yet been matched to other transactions.

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