Banking overview

Why Banking in Enterpryze will make your business better.


This is where you can monitor and record all your Banking needs in real time, making your business better. You can see UOB and reconcile these to your data in Enterpryze. You can also import and reconcile from other bank data sources such as OCBC and DBS.

You will be able to add Outgoing Payments to your Suppliers and Incoming Payments to your Customers. Payments can be added in different currencies allowing for Foreign exchange banking. Your Exchange rates can be defined in Settings or changed as you add the payment.

For UOB, the Bank reconciliation enables you to match your Live Bank Feed to your transactions in Enterpryze, this can be done automatically or manually.

For UOB, the Dashboard gives you an overview of your Bank transactions, Foreign exchange rates, Bank Balances and more all in real time.

See below for the value you will get from Banking in Enterpryze:

· Bank Feeds from your UOB Bank Accounts

· Incoming/Outgoing Payments from your Customers/Suppliers

· Real time Bank Balance for UOB bank Accounts

· Reconcile your Bank Accounts

· Foreign exchange banking

· Banking Dashboard to see your Banking activity for UOB

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