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Bank Feed - FAQ's⁉

All your questions answered when linking your Live Bank Feed to Enterpryze.

What should I do before connecting my bank feed?

Please ensure that you have completed your manual bank reconciliation before connecting your account to plaid. When connecting to your bank feed, you will only see transactions from that date going forward. Therefore, all transactions before this date would need to be reconciled before the connection can take place.


How far back will my data come in from the bank and can I access historical bank data?

Plaid will only provide banking transactions from the date of connection onwards. There is no option for historical banking transactions. Therefore, we will always ask that you complete your bank reconciliation for historic transactions before linking your account to plaid.


Why can’t I see all my accounts from my bank to link?

During the connection process, your bank will ask you what accounts you would like to give access to. This can be debit accounts, deposit accounts and even credit cards. Once the connection is complete you will only see the accounts you have chosen to give access to in the drop downs for linking to the Enterpryze system accounts. If you have given limited access but would like to change this later, you will need to contact your bank to help in updating your access permissions. We do not recommend delinking and relinking your bank account to update the access as this can cause issues with current pending transactions.


Can I delink my bank feed?

We do not recommend delinking and relinking your bank account unless necessary. Most issues that occur can be resolved without having to delink and relink. When your bank sends over your pending transactions, these are assigned a unique ID. The pending transaction is then set to posted once the bank has updated this ID for the transaction. If you delink and relink your bank account, this breaks this ID. The bank will still send the posted transaction to your account; however, the pending transaction will not be removed as it has not gotten the update from the bank.


What is a pending transaction?

A transaction is pending when it is being processed by the bank.


How do I know my transaction is a pending one?

When your transaction is pending you will not be able to tick this to reconcile. You can also tell if it is pending by hovering over the line and a “Pending” note will appear over it.


What if I don’t want to see the pending transactions in my account.

If you only want to see completed transactions and don’t need to see pending, you can untick the pending transactions filter

How long could my transaction stay as pending?

A transaction begins its life as a pending transaction, then becomes posted once the funds have been transferred. It typically takes about one to five business days for a transaction to move from pending to posted, although it can take up to fourteen days in rate situations.

(Taken from plaid)


Some of my transactions have been posted but the pending have not been removed.

Please ensure you wait the allotted time of one to five business days as advised by Plaid. If after this, the pending is still not removed, please reach out to our support team via support@enterpryze.com or our in-application chat and we can further review with you.


If I cancel a bank reconciliation, will my plaid transactions go back to the bank rec screen automatically

Yes, if you cancel a bank reconciliation, the plaid and Enterpryze transactions will automatically return to your bank reconciliation screen.