April update📣

Check out all our updates to Enterpryze for April 2022.

Enterpryze April updates

In Enterpryze we listen to you and try to provide changes that will bring value to your business. Our developers have released the following cool changes, take a look:👀

  1. Purchase Automation – further enhancements added to improve your scanned data on your Purchase Invoices📜

What does it do?

Purchase Automation is the ability to scan a Purchase Invoice, parse it via OCR and create a resulting 'pending invoice' within Enterpryze. This is fully integrated and automatic through email. In this release we have further enhanced how your data is scanned with changes to Machine Learning and Usability, always looking at ways to improve the user experience while bringing value to your business.


Which package?

Inventory & ERP


How will it benefit the user?

There are so many benefits with time saving as the process is streamlined for you, improved accuracy with data, reduced human errors, secure data and so much more. With this release we continue to provide enhancements that improve on these benefits for your business.


How to use the feature.

Check out the full articles here on how to use Purchase Automation.

The Enhancements to Purchase Automation in this release are as follows:

1.  Additional references that exist on the scanned PDF Invoice will now be updated to the Comments field on your Invoice in Enterpryze – an example of this is a reference that is not currently identified as one of the main ID’s will now get updated to the Comments field on the bottom right of your Invoice in Enterpryze.


2.  Machine Learning on Cost Centres assigned to your scanned Invoices – currently you can assign Cost Centres to your scanned Purchase Invoices manually before approving them. As you continue to Scan Invoices for the supplier using the same Cost Centres, Enterpryze will learn what these entries are and propose them the next time round you scan.


3.  Machine Learning Messages will be displayed as you scan your Invoices – messages will appear to let you know what machine learning has identified as new data that it will remember the next time a scan is done for your Supplier Invoice.

Example of a message:

4.  Usability Enhancements to improve the user experience – these are some of the improvements we have made to how the Purchase Automation works, always looking at ways to improve the user experience.
    • Approve Button process has been improved and now displays newly Created Purchase Invoice number with a link directly to it.
    • Completed Invoices in the Purchase Automation Grid will now have a link to the actual Invoice in Enterpryze.

4.  PDF Attachment of scanned document synchronised to SAP – any scanned Purchase Invoice that is attached to an Invoice in Enterpryze will now be synchronised to SAP B1 as a PDF attachment.



The following option must be switched on for attachments to synch with SAP B1.

  • Double click the ONLINE option at the bottom left of your screen
  • Click on Attachments
  • Make sure to tick the below ‘Synchronise Attachments to SAP’



5.  Filter data by Foreign Customer Name for SAP B1 Customers using Enterpryze

What does it do?

Allows SAP B1 users to select the Foreign Customer Name as a filter option and use it to search for Customers on their Companies list.


Which package?

Enterpryze for SAP B1


How will it benefit the user?

Allows the SAP B1 user to find Customer details quicker and using more search criteria relevant to SAP B1 fields.


How to use the feature.

  • Click on Companies > Companies


  • Click on Actions > Column Chooser


  • Click and drag the Company Foreign Name to your grid


  • Now you can use this field to search on the Company Foreign Name from SAP B1