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Adding New Users

See how to add your new users, watch the quick video.

This is where you will be able to add a user who will need access to Enterpryze on the Web or Mobile Apps.

Once a user is added you will be able to:

· Assign the user access to Web and Mobile Apps

· Assign the user access to each Organisation

· Assign the user permissions for each module and for each organisation

To add a user click on Settings – User Settings

1. Click here to add a new user

2. Enter in the user details such as name and email address and you can also add a Profile picture.

3. User Type – there are 2 options, admin which gives the user full access to the system and expense-approver will allow this user to approve expenses.

4. SAP ID – this is only required if you want each Salesperson to have a defined name on your sales transactions, otherwise, it will appear as ‘no sales employee’ for that user. There is a list of users already available that you can choose from here.

5. Permissions – this section is an advanced option to use after setting up users. For users with different access, you can copy their setup to a new user saving you time.

6. Now click on Save.

7. Now you will receive a message to Edit the user's Permissions, click on OK. The user is given full access to everything by default. This will allow you to give them access to the web and mobile apps that you require to run your business.

8. Company data access – this section controls if the user has been approved to use Enterpryze which is by default when you add the user, switching this off will prevent the user from logging in for example when a user leaves your Organisation.

For the main data in Enterpryze such as Customers/Suppliers and transactions, you can set if the user gets to see All data from all users, My will allow them to see only their own data and None means no access to that data.

9. As the user has been given permission to all Web modules and Mobile Apps, simply untick the options the user does not require access. Then click on Save at the bottom of the screen.

10. The user will now receive an email inviting them to Activate their login and start using Enterpryze.

11. After the user has been added you can edit their account details or Change their permissions or Password.

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