Actions available after adding Payments

See how easily you can email, print, download your payment. How to cancel an Incoming or Outgoing Payment.

Actions available after adding a Payment

Once you have added your Payment the Actions button will appear on the top right of the payment screen as per below example.

Send: this enables you to email the receipt to an email address that you can enter, select the language for the email and select to include the PDF copy of the payment with the email.

Print report: click here to print the receipt

Download PDF: click here to download the payment as a PDF

Cancelling a Payment

Cancel Document on the Actions button: This allows you to cancel the Incoming or Outgoing Payment for example you entered it in error to wrong customer or supplier, wrong amount etc. This will reverse the journal entry created in finance and will also Open the Invoices originally paid so that they can be selected again in future payment.

You will be asked to choose which date the cancelled payment will get posted to, today’s date or the original document date which is the one on the Payment you are cancelling which is the default option chosen.

Once a Payment has been cancelled it will appear with the Cancelled icon on it as per below example.

You can also use the Filter option on the status column on the Incoming or Outgoing Payments grid to see Cancelled documents.

Download Certificate on Outgoing Payments for Thailand only

You can Download Certificate of Supplier payment.

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