Accounting: Trial Balance

Accounting: Trial Balance

On screen version

The Trial Balance reports on all the financial transactions affecting all of your GL accounts for the date range that you enter.

The following options are available to you at the top of the screen to generate your required report format:

  • Date From/To – enter the date range here that you require to report on

  • Annual Trial Balance – this will display balances for the 12 months for the date range that you entered, showing the debit or credit posted to each account

  • Monthly Trial Balance – this will change the display to show you the breakdown per month for the date range you entered, from the opening balance on each account plus or minus the Debit or credit to give you the Balance for that month.

  • Compare - this allows you to run a comparison report against another date to, for example you may want to compare this year to last year. The report will generate your Trial Balance figures for both periods and will also show a Comparison Balance column for each Category and GL account.

  • You can also click on Export to Excel to analyse further

Sample Monthly report

PDF version in Dashboard

The PDF version of the Trial Balance reports on all GL accounts affecting your Financial transactions, based on the date that you enter.

  • Date range – you can enter dates for example to see a specific month or previous year range

  • Cost Centres (Regions, Product Groups, Dimensions) /Project Codes – choose from list to run the report for specific dimensions or Projects if they are in use on your transactions

  • For any of the above options to work you will need to click on the Filter button to generate your report.

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