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The Tax Report generates totals based on your Sales and Purchase tax calculated for the selection of dates. You can use this report to calculate your Tax liability for the Revenue. The Tax report is grouped by Tax codes for Input (Purchase) and Output (Sales), it details the Tax and base amounts for each code.

You can drill into any of the Tax codes by clicking on it and it will show you the list of Transactions which were posted to that Tax code for the period selected. The transactions included are all documents affected by Tax Invoices, Credit Notes, Journal Payments and Journal entries where Tax was applied.

The following options are available to you at the top of the screen to generate your required report format:

  • Date From and Date To – you can enter dates for example to see a specific month or previous year/month range

  • Expand All – the report defaults to showing you the breakdown of the Purchase and Sales Tax codes with overall totals at the bottom of the report. If you untick this option it will simply display the overall Tax liability.

The Base Amount is the Net amount of the transactions before Tax is added.

The Tax non-deductible is the amount to which Tax is not applied, this is only relevant where the Tax code is setup for this in some localisations.

The Tax Total column is calculated from the Tax Amount minus the Tax non-deductible amount.

  • You can also click on Export to Excel to analyse further

Please note: You may also find any customised Tax Reports for your Country located here on the Tax report option:

  • IRAS for Singapore

  • Thai Tax Reports

  • Malaysia

  • Indonesia – there is an additional menu called EFAKTUR

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