Accounting: How to run Accounting Reports

Accounting: How to run Accounting Reports

Enterpryze has several reports available that help you analyze your Financial and Accounting activities in your Organisation. See below for a list of these reports that you can view on screen or on PDF. there may be other reports available for specific localisations for example in relation to Tax which have been customised for your Country.

The output from all reports is dependent on your setup of your Chart of Accounts, Products/Product groups, Cost Centres etc.

Click on Finances – Financial Reports to get access to the on-screen Reports.

· Chart of Accounts (accessed from Finances)

· Profit and Loss

· Balance Sheet

· Trial Balance

· Tax

· Aged Receivables

· Aged Payables

· Journals

Click on Finances - Dashboard to get access to the reports available in PDF.

General Tips:

There are different options to select if you are running reports for the on-screen version to the reports on PDF through the Dashboard. Each one is explained in full in this section.

For on-screen reports you will see option to ‘Expand All’. This will allow you to extend the view of GL account levels/Transactions where appropriate on each report to give you more reporting detail.

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