Accounting: General Ledger Report

Accounting: General Ledger Report

The General Ledger report shows a list of transactions posted against each GL Account code. It is based on a range of dates that you enter. It will show you the source of the transaction for example Sales Invoice/Credit Note, Purchase Invoice/Credit Note, Payments, Journals etc. For each GL account it will give you a Cumulative Balance, adding on each transaction to give you a total.

Amounts are displayed in local currency and you will see that any values that are negative will be displayed within brackets.

If there are no transactions for the GL account a line will still be displayed with just an Open balance for that account from the date range you entered.

  • Date From / Date To – you can enter dates for example to see a specific month or previous year range

  • Account Category – you can choose to report on all categories by leaving this blank or drill in to select the categories such as Asset, Liabilities, Turnover, Cost of Sales etc

  • Cost Centres (Regions, Product Groups, Dimensions) /Project Codes – choose from list to run the report for specific dimensions/Cost Centres or Projects if they are in use on your transactions

  • For any of the above options to work you will need to click on the Filter button to generate your report.

Sample output of the General Ledger report showing journals that were posted to the Assets category and the GL account within that category.

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