Accounting FAQ's

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Accounting FAQ's

We have provided a list of questions and answers to help you navigate Accounting in Enterpryze as you get up and running. We understand some of these questions can cost you time so let us help you get there faster!🙌

Question: Can I delete a GL account?

Answer: No you cannot delete a GL account, however you can prevent the GL account from showing on reports by choosing to exclude Unused accounts.

Question: Can I reverse or delete a journal entry?

Answer: You can simply cancel a manual journal entry by clicking on the Actions and choosing Cancel. However for all other journals created through transactions such as Sales/Purchases/Payments you must use the option against those transactions to cancel or reverse them correctly.

Question: Can I add journals for foreign currency accounts?

Answer: Yes you can, there is a tick box on the right side of the journal entry screen, select this to enter your foreign currency journal.

Question: How do I see postings for a GL account?

Answer: To see postings for a single GL account for a date range, click on Finance > Chart of Accounts, enter the account code in the search box then click into the account to see the details. Here you can enter a date range for the period you require, when the results appear you can export to Excel.

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